This "liquid dispensing device" was used by Honeywell, presumably for applying solder-resist to circuit boards, and serves as a good example of the tremendous bargains available in motion control equipment. It wound up in a local machine-scrap shop, and was mine for $200. It consists of 3 stepper motors and their drivers, connected to 3 linear tables mounted in an XYZ configuration. X and Y axes span 12" with a resolution of .00125", and Z spans 3" with a res. of .0005". The unit is still made by Icon Corporation (Woburn, MA), and lists for $22,000. Gone was its internal control computer-- but after purchasing the tech manual from Icon ($75), I was able to interface to my PC, just as with my other tools. At present, I use it primarily for drilling holes in glass, but have succeeded in using it for small scale milling operations as well. (1993).